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Korda Krank Kamo Ready Rig barbed

  • Korda Krank Kamo Ready Rig barbed

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  • Paruoštas karpinis pavadėlis su kabliuku ir plauku Korda Krank Kamo Ready Rig barbed

    • The revolutionary Krank hook pattern in a ready-tied format
    • Available in barbed and barbless versions, in sizes 10 to 2, the new Krank Rigs utilise the Kamo coated hook link material with a small section stripped back to allow the ultra-wide-gape Krank pattern to take hold consistently
    • They are tied with a size-eight swivel to allow attachment to lead clips and inline leads. The rigs cover every carp angling situation with the range of hook sizes – from day ticket carping for double-figure fish to Euro giants – and they are perfect for use in conjunction with wafter or balanced hook baits
    • Each pack comes with a free set of Extenda bait stops, allowing a variety of different sized baits to be used on the same length hair, from a single grain of Fake Food plastic corn on the smaller sizes up to double 20 mm offerings on the size 2. The sizes 10, 8 and 6 are tied on 15 lb Kamo, size 4 on 20 lb and size 2 on 30 lb
    • Ready-tied rigs featuring the Krank hook and Kamo hook link material
    • Packs come with free Extenda Stops
    • Available from sizes 10 up to 2

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